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JDC Supply is committed to developing long lasting business relationships based on trust, great service, and high quality products.

Our customers can rely on JDC Supply to conduct all business with integrity, and should expect to receive superior customer service at every level.

We have a focused commitment of listening to, understanding, and responding to our customers’ needs; we will respond with timely solutions.

We recognize the importance of our customers’ success.

We pledge to contribute to that success by being an industry leader in providing the latest in quality products and technology.


JDC Supply can assist your company in switching from using hazardous solvent-base materials, to using Eco-Friendly water-based materials. Many finishers are trying to go “Green” by switching to water based technology. Switching from solvent to water usually requires different equipment. JDC Supply can assist in making the transition as easy as possible. As well as make the necessary recommendations to achieve the desired quality that your company requires.

Does your company want or need to learn to do complex, multistep finishes? JDC Supply will teach you the proper way to achieve the “High-End” looks that can only be done with multiple finishing steps. We train you how to use dyes, toners, and spray-no-wipe stains. We can also train you how to do “Antique” finishes as well as “Full-Filled” finishes. JDC Supply training is only for professional wood finishers. Training can be conducted at your facility or at the JDC Supply facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

JDC Supply can train your spray technicians proper spray technique using innovative new laser technology. Proper spray technique ensures that you get the best possible finish with the least amount of material waste


EZ Stains uses high-end finely ground industrial grade pigments and dyes concentrates
allowing for excellent clarity and distinct grain definition; it also helps to eliminate hard settling.

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