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JDC Supply is committed to developing long lasting business relationships based on trust, great service, and high quality products. We have a focused commitment of listening to, understanding, and responding to our customers’ needs, we will respond with timely solutions.

EZ Stains

  • EZ Stains Blending System: Provides you with nine inter-mixes and one clear base allowing you to create an unlimited array of stain colors.
  • We provide you with 80 spray-and-wipe stains, and 6 NGR dye/toners sprayed onto solid oak, maple, and alder wood sample blocks. By simply using the formulas provided you can reproduce these stains for reliable and precise color matching.

Eco Blend

  • Eco Blend Water-Based Stain Blending System consists of 2 Stain Bases: Spray & Wipe and Spray-No-Wipe, and 6 Base Colors. Along with these 8 components, we provide you with 80 Color Stain Formulations (available on Oak or Maple color chips) and an easy to navigate Formula Book.
  • Eco Blend Water-Based Stain Blending System also provides you the opportunity to create your own unlimited custom stain colors quickly and economically.
  • Eco Blend stains can be used under both water-based or solvent-based sealers and topcoats. Our use of finely ground pigments creates bright clean colors that bring out the natural beauty of wood in the high quality water-based stain that you have been waiting for.

Shop Supplies

  • JDC Supply offers a variety of shop supplies; from abrasive materials, to spray equipment and mixing devices. All from industry leading manufactures.


EZ Stains uses high-end finely ground industrial grade pigments and dyes concentrates
allowing for excellent clarity and distinct grain definition; it also helps to eliminate hard settling.

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